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Why You Need a Recap Video of your Conference

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Meeting and Event Planner’s Guide to Hiring a Producer

Imprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC) proving Event Management for Corporate Event Planning, Special Events, Live Entertainment, Destination Management Services, Creative Branding, Event Production and more in Denver, Florida & Las Vegas.

Imprint Group’s Meeting and Event Planner Guide to Hiring an Event Producer

Ever wonder why milk makes cereal taste better?  Perhaps you’ve always wondered why ice cream is more engaging when its in a cone.  Steak with no seasoning or steak sauce… blasphemy I say!

There are some things in life that are truly the glue to making something perfect.  This is no different when hiring a producer for your next meeting or event.  A producer?  That sounds fancy… even expensive… I mean, I’m not making a movie… why do I need a producer?  Ahhhhh… but you are making a movie.  A one day blockbuster or a 3-day mini-series for your audience.  So why hire a Producer?
Well let’s pretend you are producing a movie.
Managing a meeting or event takes a team of individuals working together to accomplish the goal of executing that flawless movie.  Certainly you start with the planner role.  That position often reports to the head of the organization and is working in tandem with the marketing and communication team on the deliverables from film.  This is generally where your budget is also derived from along with theming and messaging.
Secondly you have your internal support staff.  This could include assistant planners, IT team, Logistics, Accounting and so on.  Then there’s the entire event facility team you have to work with.  But wait… I still need to outsource!  Entertainment, Audio Visual and Staging, Décor and Design, Printing and Graphics, Transportation and the list goes on.  It sounds quite an undertaking to make this movie… however you know you will sell out if produced correctly.  And this… is when you realize, that I need the glue to connect all my internal and outsourced team leaders, services and necessities to fill my theater seats.
A Producer is the individual who connects all your moving parts… overlooking your project from 30,000 feet to create and manage a cohesive communication system so all moving parts come together for the opening night! It is this person who takes the load off of your plate as it relates to the intangibles of the event.  This person injects the entire team with the same DNA code providing the team the ability to work as a collective all aiming for the same goal.
What is that goal?  A movie so profound it delivers on budget, on time, with a storyline that executes the vision of the Marketing and Communications Team pulling all the strings of the collective seamlessly so that each moving part moves in harmony with the other.  It is giving ownership, delegating delicately, masterfully engaging each member and getting buy in on the one thing that we all strive for… and what is that you ask?
That moment when the opening credits are done and its show time… and you look into your audiences eyes and there it is, you have a captivated audience… right where you want them!
A mentor once told me “Kamal, to be a producer, you have to never be above the show and your team never below you… however, without them seeing you… you are leading from behind while making the show bigger than you will ever be.”  Meetings, Conferences and Events happen on a daily basis… producing a special moment that inspires an audience to act… those do not.
See you at the Oscars!
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Congrats to our own John Collins

Imprint Group’s Director of Operations Receives Certificate

Our Director of Operations, John Collins, received one of the first Emergency Preparedness Certifications from the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI) at the program’s launch in Dallas in March. John is the first DMC operator in Colorado to receive this certification, meaning no team is better prepared to manage your event, and anything that might happen, than Imprint Group and our operations team led by John!

If you haven’t developed an Emergency Preparedness Plan, you need to create one for your organization,” said John.  “Emergencies are unpredictable by nature and it’s how well you respond to the situation that can make the difference between being overwhelmed by an emergency or reacting effectively to it and possibly saving lives.”

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Make Health & Wellness Centric to Your Next Event

Imprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC) proving Event Management for Corporate Event Planning, Special Events, Live Entertainment, Destination Management Services, Creative Branding, Event Production and more in Denver, Florida & Las Vegas.

Making Health & Wellness Central to Your Next Meeting or Corporate Event

The Imprint Group team visited the Anshutz Health & Wellness Center last month to learn about their exciting new offerings for groups.  The Center can host small groups for healthy cooking demos, interactive discussions about making good choices at restaurants and packing smart for lunch. The must-see experience, though, is their interactive grocery lab where their nutritionists teach guests how to read labels and shop better!

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Imprint Group 3-PEAT with the NFL

Imprint Group Teams up with NFL for Special Event

We were honored to once again be called upon to coordinate volunteers for the National Football League, this time for the NFL Draft in Philly. Imprint Group MVP, Marcie Lapehn, managed advance registration via our custom website, coordinated all shifts and scheduling, onsite training and more during the prestigious 3-day event. A record 32,000 fans showed up to experience the NFL’s Fan Festival and our 1,600+ volunteers made sure they all had an amazing experience.

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The Importance of Branding the Experience

Creative Branding & The Imprint Group Event Experience

As a Brand Manager people always ask me, “What’s the difference between branding and advertising/marketing?”

The answer is actually pretty simple.

Branding is an experience, whereas advertising is the temptation.

Advertising offers a promise, branding gives you confidence in what will be delivered. If a brand is properly built and nurtured, a relationship is formed with the customer and that company.  The brand has informed how the customer feels about our services and how they approach working with us. If done right, hundreds, if not thousands of people will want to experience our brand.  My job is to manage that experience.


“Fundamentally, branding is a profound manifestation of the human condition.”

      – Wally Olins


I focus a lot on creating consistency within our brand across the company.  We want a customer’s  experience to always feel the same regardless of their title, their company or their budget. This is easy to do by keeping the personality, culture and essence of our brand at the core of our work. From receipts to out-of-office messages to proposals and beyond, no task or detail is too small or insignificant to us. Everything can help accentuate our brand.

  • Brand Personality: Think of this like the brand’s character and how the company communicates to the outside world. This might be expressed in a certain writing style or voice, design style, and color scheme.
  • Brand Culture: The value system and basic principles that a brand bases its behavior on.  Determining the culture you want to set forth in the organization and ensuring your team understands and practices it, will drive consistency.  Once established brand culture is cemented internally, the external audience will feel the brand ever more and will happily buy in. But what are they buying in to?  What is the overall message or feeling your brand is trying to convey?
  • Brand Essence: The essence of the company speaks to the intangible emotions you want your customers to feel when they experience the brand. A brand’s essence is the representation of the company’s heart, soul and spirit, and is best described with one word.  For example, what company do you think of when I use the word “magical”? If you said Disney, then you get what we mean when we talk about brand essence.

Generally, I think of brand management as the intersection of our company’s creative, strategic, analytical and operational work.  What we create, whether it’s a package or a service, can’t move or speak.  It cannot be heard or seen.  It can simply be felt.  Simply put, it’s an experience. And I care a lot that it’s a unique one that reminds you of AXS Group.

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