Month: January 2015

Brain Food

Are You Serving “Brain Food” at Meetings?

While its important to offer healthy choices when you’re planning meeting menus, what you really should be focusing on is serving food that helps attendees focus, remain energized throughout the long days and also helps to boost concentration and brain power.

Different foods produce different chemical effects in the brain. For example eggs are high in choline, help aid neurotransmissions and enhance the ability to pay attention, form new memories and make decisions. White flour and sugars (high in starch and low in protein offerings) trigger the release of insulin, which leads to sugar highs and lows and create a neurotransmitter imbalance, sleepiness, inattention and even irritability.

For breakfast consider trading in pastries for an egg dish or whole grain breakfast sandwich loaded with protein. At lunch, lighten things up by offering a balanced  meal low in starch and loaded with lean protein and vegetables.  During an afternoon break when the snack attack hits, trade out sugar packed pick-me-ups for dark chocolate which has been shown to improve cognitive performance for several hours following ingestion.

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