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Guest Entertainment & Engagement

Let Them Listen to What They Like. 

TouchTunes is not only a music jukebox, but has the capabilities for karaoke and a photobooth. These features can be social media enabled as well as integrated into a house sound system. Guests can choose the music or it can be pre-programmed and controlled from an iPhone. The photobooth snaps pictures just like a classic photo booth and allows guest to choose a background and print, share on social media or emailed right to your inbox.

Club Hush.

Club Entertainment AXS Group Events Clubhush

This is the biggest ‘silent party’ around. “Club Hush” involves arming party goers with their own set of wireless two-channel headphones, switching off the sound-system and having a DJ spin two completely different sets for guests to dance to. One DJ. Two styles of music. Both at the same time. So how does it work?

  • Our crew arrives at your venue/location & sets up.
  • We hand out our unique two-channel ‘hush-muffs’ to each party person on arrival
  • Our DJ rocks the show mashing up two channels of tunes
  • The crowd select their channel of choice via a switch on the headphones and gets busy on the dance floor

Club Hush is a unique, surreal and hugely enjoyable experience that’s been rocking the event circuit for the past four years in Europe and has now made it’s way to the States! From London to Lisbon and Moscow to Montreal the reaction to the silent sensation has been immense as party people embrace this most talked about and freshest of musical experiences. Check it out here:


Wrist Bands Are Cooler Than Ever. 

Coldplay uses them at their concerts to get the audience engaged – you should too. These radio controlled LED wristbands can be made to change color in an instant and are great for logo/message branding and as a guest souvenir. They cannot be reactivated after their use and can be recycled afterwards.

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Television Adapted Teambuilding

Derived from the most popular television shows, we can guarantee they aren’t as easy as the big screen makes them look but definitely delivers the same amount of excitement!

Minute To Win It.  

NBC’s newest television sensation is now a teambuilding hit with 60-second challenges using everyday household objects for a shot to win a million bucks (well not really, but company bragging rights are just as good!) But as the money increases, so does the level of difficulty.

Teams travel to different stations where they are required to complete designated tasks within 60-seconds to score points. Examples of games include “Bobble Head,” where the contestant has a pedometer attached to their forehead and they compete to move their head around to record 125 total “steps” in only 60 seconds!  Play “Caddy Stack,” where three golf balls must be stacked, one on top of each other, or “Stick the Landing” where the player must toss a water bottle onto a table and get it to land upright. Safe to say – it’s a guaranteed night of hilarious fun!

Your group of “castaways” will be brooked into tribes to compete in head-to-head competitions and immunity challenges in order to earn the most points!

The group of castaways will be broken tribes of tribe mates. Multiple challenge stations will be available and tribes will go head to head at each reward challenge. Several small immunity challenges will be set up along the way, giving the tribes more opportunities to earn extra points. Teams earn points at each challenge and immunity station and the team with the most points at the end, wins!

Amazing Race. 
Your Amazing Race around downtown Denver to compete in team challenges for points as well as the next clue, has begun! There are sure to several “road blocks” and “detours” along the way, just like in the show.

The Mile High City may be your home, but how well do you really know it? Put your knowledge to the test in a challenging race that will test your endurance, knowledge, athleticism and problem solving skills.


Cupcake Wars. 
You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to master this teambuilding, but you sure might afterwards! Designed from the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, teams compete to make, from scratch and then bake, the best tasting and looking cupcake. Culinary assistants are on hand to help guide teams in baking to-die-for cupcake and icing recipes, making it hard for judges to decide between the melt-in-your-mouth flavors that are created.


Crime Team Investigation (CTI). CTI is a murder mystery program where your group is formed into crime teams and compete to solve a Hollywood-style murder. This fun and unique problem solving game promotes process improvement, resource management and more!

After the crime scene investigation team has honed their sleuthing skills by going through the Witness Observation Challenge, they receive all the relevant information about the case and the race to solve the murder is on! Your teams will start their crime scene investigation at one of our three crime stations. At the Forensics Lab, teams analyze DNA packets and pull fingerprints from the crime scene evidence. The Computer Station allows the teams to hone their skills using the latest crime fighting technology. When the teams move into the Interrogation Room they question suspects by utilizing what they’ve learned.

Now it’s time for teams to analyze the evidence and present their version of the crime. At the completion of the program, the team with the most accurate story line will be announced as the winning Crime Team Investigators!

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Culinary Team Building

A dash of competition, a sip of wine, a stroke of a paintbrush, chopping of vegetables – who ever said team building can’t be perfectly  paired with food and drink?

Culinary Team Building Wine Challenge AXS Group EventsWinery Challenge. The Winery Challenge begins with a fun, informative Wine Tasting and ends with a highly entertaining and competitive Sangria Making Challenge. A sommelier starts the program with a brief history of wine, followed by a tasting that incorporates aroma sticks to help identify key ingredients in each wine.

Teams (different wineries) name and develop their own brand of Sangria by blending ingredients they have “purchased” at the marketplace. They will also create a name for their product, design a logo for their wine label and decorate their tables for a final presentation, which includes a song or jingle they write and perform.  Lastly, a taste test contest is organized to determine which team has created the best tasting Sangria. 

The Winery Team Challenge is an extremely fun and fast-paced team building event that encourages creativity, cooperation, experimentation, and team support to come up with the best product and the most creative marketing campaign.

Culinary Team Building Great Salsa Creation AXS Group EventsGreat Salsa Creation. The Great Salsa Creation is a fun and exciting Salsa Making Challenge!  Teams will compete in a battle of wits in a trivia contest as well as competitive games to win ingredients that will enhance the flavor of their custom salsas. Each team will name, brand and create a marketing presentation for their one-of-a-kind salsa and present them to the group and judges panel.

At the end of the competition, all salsa will be judged based on taste and presentation and a winner will be announced. Following the team building, tortilla chips can be provided on a buffet for a group sampling and reception.

Culinary Team Building Cocktail and Canvass AXS Group EventsCocktails & Canvas. The highlight of the day is a guided painting activity led by a professional and fun art instructor. Not artistic or feeling a little nervous? Don’t worry! The instructor guides you step-by-step to recreate the selected painting. It’s easy, fun and totally stress-free. By the end of the evening, you’ll be amazed at the artwork you’ve created! And the best part? You go home with a painting you can call uniquely yours and, hopefully, a new-found talent you’ll want to explore!

Pair this activity with lunch or appetizer and cocktails before dinner. Let your taste buds enjoy a little wine while you paint away!

Chili Cook Off.
We’ll provide all the necessary ingredients, equipment and professional facilitator for guests compete in the always popular – Ultimate Chili Cook Off! Teams compete is a series of games and trivia to earn “Chili Bucks,” which are only good at the general store to purchase a variety of chili ingredients and enhancements. The better a team does during the competition and trivia portion of the team building, the more possibilities there are for them to create their chili with! Prizes are awarded to the team that makes the Best Chili and the team that has the Most Chili Bucks remaining after buying their ingredients. Make a night out of it and place all the (edible) chili on a buffet, paired with salad, cornbread and toppings for a delicious Colorado meal.

Chocolate Factory. The sweetest job in team building, Chocolate Factory is a team builder event where your team will design and build a bridge or other themed structure utilizing various candies and chocolate delicacies.

After forming the large group into small teams of chocolate companies, the history and future of the cocoa bean will be introduced as part of a special quiz. As teams compete in this fun challenge, they earn points to gain access to the Sweet Shoppe. There, they will purchase a chocolate construction kit as well as their own special materials package.

Teams will be building and decorating their own piece of the chocolate structure using our special “cement.” Each section must be designed to integrate seamlessly into the larger chocolate building project.

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